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Stinger VIP +GPS
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The radar detector Stinger VIP with a brillant LCD touch display is the most advanced high-end performance fixed-mounted radar detector and offers mobile radar warning against mobile and fixed radar speed cameras throughout Europe  - order now and avoid speed tickets. Custom-installed radar detectors from Stinger. Need help to install the radar detector ..?

Radar detector Stinger VIP – the new top unit of Stinger

You only consider a fixed installation in your car? You strongly value professionalism, top performance coupled with ease of use for your high-quality, high-performance vehicle? You always appreciate high quality and would like to install in your vehicle only a top instrument in absolute first class? Then you should choose a product of the radar detector brand Stinger!

To answer the question of what the radar detectors of Stinger makes them so special, please see and click on the next tab "Why a Stinger radar detector?" up right here.

During the development of the Stinger VIP the focus was on the high value on an easy of use, clear user interface and a visually attractive integration of the now colored high-resolution display in the vehicle cockpit based on the outstanding technical features of any Stinger devices. In addition, the Stinger VIP’s improved radar receiver antenna (Multipolarity HD), which improves the reception range of the radar and the discarding of unwanted false alert has been optimized further. All the components were again reduced in their dimensions to enable the hidden discrete installation.

The device consists of Multipolarity radar receiver antenna to be installed in front of the vehicle, the central computer with GPS receiver, color display with magnetic mount, a GPS antenna, the extension box and a USB flash drive for data transfer. Of course, all needed software and cables as well as installation materials and all instructions are included.

- Legal purchase and use
- Clear Color LCD display, adjustable brightness and easy removable (123x66x22 mm)
- Multipolarity radar receiving antenna
- Warning of fixed Radar and speed camera boxes in Europe
- Warning Section Control / tutor with current position display, calculation and display of your average speed
- Detection of all European radar and laser frequencies
- Integrated GPS speed camera database, to be updated via Internet and USB port
- Not allowed functions erasable at one touch (PC needed to reactivate)
- Minimum rate of false alarms - SpeedSense for alarm suppression below a selectable speed
- False Channel for storage and future automatic separation of false alarm sources
- Manual reduce false alarms by Mute Button
- K-band shutdown via menu possible
- 100% protection against electronic radar detector detection (VG2, Spectre)
- Voice and acoustic signaling via Alerts
- Spot List for storing their own places
- Free updates via PC / Mac
- Electronic Logbook route logging and subsequent analysis on a PC, set to "private" or business, before departure, ideal for travel expense
- Police check for documentation of speed measurements which were carried out by the police (storage of speed, location, time, frequency of subsequent verification)
- Safety Signal Indicator (transmission of signals of other Stinger users traveling ahead in the event of dangerous situations such as hard braking)

Optional extensions (included in our offered Stinger VIP +GPS +Laser system):
- Laser Analyzer Box with up to 4 modules (square or round) for laser detection and jamming by Stinger Laser Shield

You are unsure how a custom-installed radar detector will look like? Check out our demonstration videos!

Video radardetector and speed camera detector
If interested the assembling work can also be undertaken in Heidelberg in a workshop by a professional car mechanic, well experienced in assembling these devices; the timings are very flexible and discreet (normally Friday afternoon or weekends). The assembling work takes normally about 5-6 hours, but it may be longer in the case of exotic car models. Naturally, the mechanic will first discuss with you personally about various possibilities of assembling so that you have a clear idea of how the solution will finally look like. The workshop is located in Heidelberg and you could make use of the time for sight-seeing. Many customers find this quite convenient. Difficulties may only arise in rare cases if, for example, the vehicle’s front area has less space for the Stinger VIP, or disassembling of auto body components alone would take several hours requiring special tools.

Please add this item to your shopping cart for a customized offer for assembling the devices you have ordered in your car. 


Radar detector Stinger VIP – the new top unit of Stinger

Stinger radar detectors are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands exclusively for European road conditions, they are designed for permanent installation in the vehicle. The units are modular and perfectly integrated with each other in order to protect against almost all known speed measuring systems. You can protect yourself with a Stinger radar detection warning system against radar, you can be forewarned from fixed speed cameras as well as distance measurements (Section Control / tutor). With optional plug-ins and easy to be connected you can actively protect yourself against all types of laser measurements (laser guns, binoculars, Vitronic, PoliScan ...) and optical sensors (Opto Speed??, eso 3.0, autovelox). With the latest patented technology radar and laser will be detected with the highest precision and maximum range. The integrated GPS system with an integrated European speed camera database offers many additional features. Only videos recordings out of moving police cars behind you cannot be detected. Even the common problems with frequently occurring false alarms have been reduced to an absolute minimum.

Of course, all Stinger radar detectors are fully protected against electronic detection. You can use the supplied software "Stinger Desktop" for Windows PCs and Apple to update your radar detector system regularly and free of charge - so you can trust for years to have the latest software version. An addition, new locations with permanently installed speed cameras will be updated in the database.

All Stinger radar detector with matching add-on modules can be installed very discreet and virtually invisible in any vehicle. In the cockpit, there is only a small display or the "Stinger Card" in the form of a credit card to display alarms and to set your desired configuration. You can do this in accordance to your personal preferences individually with attractive position in the vehicle. Both the display and the compact "Stinger Card" can be removed with one hand. Any dealer can perform the installation, and fold cables hidden with the connectors in a clean and professional way. Installation and operating instructions are included of course.

Unique in terms of legislation:
due to the software-side option of manual deletion of individual warning functions, the Stinger devices can be sold throughout Europe and used depending on the local law where you travel. Therefore, you should take care to use the features of the Stinger only, which is allowed in the country where you drive (e.g. safety signal or the electronic logbook in the models VIP Stinger or Stinger DSI). Only through the active use of any unauthorized functions, you may possibly get problems in a police control. After you deleted the functions easily and quickly by just pressing a button, these not-allowed functions can only be reactivated on the PC. Thus the device is unauthorized by deletion functions permanently and consequently legally usable. Any "illegal radar detector function" cannot become operational in the short term.

Information for potential Swiss customers:
It is well known that in Switzerland under the SVG operation, the possession and importation of radar detectors is prohibited. We therefore ship the Stinger device to Switzerland, but with disabled radar warning functions. Thus, the import and use of the equipment is permitted in Switzerland. It is of course important to note that you are not allowed to activate functions in Switzerland breaching any rule of the SVG. Foreign users of Stinger radar detectors must also delete the unauthorized radar detection functions when crossing the border into Switzerland by pressing a button on the device. The purchase and import is therefore legally, you do not need to pay the German VAT and any customs, you only have to pay the local Swiss VAT from 7.5% to our displayed net price.

English - important notice radar detector Stinger VIP

Dear customer,

please read and consider the following notice.
In the countries of the European Union there are different laws regarding the possession and operation of radar detectors. These regulations might change regularly. We hereby draw your attention to the fact that in your country the possession and / or the operation of such a device might be not permitted. Please check the legal situation for your country before using the device.



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