Valentine One Gen2 "2in1"


Radar, Laser and GPS detection system

Valentine One Gen2 "2in1"
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  • radar detector for the dashboard
  • great price-performance ratio
  • warns against mobile speed traps
  • warns against laser devices
  • installation: cockpit
  • Buy a radar detector, okay - but how?
  • Valentine One V1 Gen2 is an entirely new security instrument that outperforms by a clear margin even the most highly-evolved version of V1. Inside the all-new magnesium case is an all-new, and patented, radar-seeking engine adapted from a concept used by military CHIRP radars to find fainter targets farther away with higher precision. Ka-band range is impressively better in Valentine One V1 Gen2. K-band range is also improved. New SAW-D2L and LNA technologies enable this substantial range increase over traditional V1 while also providing a breakthrough in stealth.


    • Valentine One Gen2 Radar Detector
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Windshield Mount
    • Visor Mount
    • Power Cord, Coiled — 2 ft. stretches to 8ft
    • Power Cord, Straight — 8ft
    • Lighter Adapter
    • Direct-Wire Adapter
    • Wiring Harness Connector
    • Spare Fuse
    • Spare Suction Cups

    Valentine One V1 Gen2 introduces K-Verifier technology to improve resistance to Blind Spot Detection systems in new cars and to reduce false alarms from automatic store-door openers. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 enables a wireless connection to your Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. The free app—V1Connection, the app—will run on your device, giving you a revolutionary new way of analyzing the live stream of threat information flowing from V1 Gen2. You’ll also have access to future firmware upgrades.

    New LNA technology: The only way to extend range is to detect ever weaker signals. Think of LNA as a signal magnifier.

    LNA has another benefit—it acts as a one-way valve, trapping LO output before it escapes V1 Gen2’s magnesium case. That’s the key to stealth. V1 Gen2 is practically undetectable.

    New, and patented, SAWD2L Detecting more radars adds exponentially to data flow. SAWD2L jumps the processing rate more than a hundred times, enabling V1 Gen2 to quickly sort speed-trap radar signals from today’s glut of lane-change and crash-prevention radars.

    Range superiority
    LNA’s faint-signal acquisition feeding the high-rate analysis of SAWD2L adds up to a breakthrough in radar early warning. The range increase on Ka band is especially dramatic. Our new K-Verifier weeds out unwanted K alerts.

    Our free apps enable advanced threat analysis, easy programming, and instant upgrades of V1 Gen2. Smartphone connection via Bluetooth is built in.

    Dimensions: 4.6in. L x 3.8 in. W x 1.0 in. H. Weight: 6.5 oz.

    • Valentine One V1 Gen2
    • Complete accessories for mounting on the windshield (suction cups)
    • Cigarette lighter power supply (12 V)
    • Optimum detection sensitivity
    • Volume control
    • pulsed radar detection
    • Wide band setting
    • Modes selectable by user
    • Compact size
    • Automatic self test
    • X-Band 10.525 GHz +/- 50MHz
    • K-Band 24.125 GHz +/- 70MHz
    • Ka-Band 34.0 GHZ, 34.3 GHz +/-100 MHz
    • Laser 904 nm


    Here you can access available official test reports for this device.

    English   -   important notice

    Dear customer,

    please read and consider the following notice.
    In the countries of the European Union there are different laws regarding the possession and operation of radar detectors. These regulations might change regularly. We hereby draw your attention to the fact that in your country the possession and / or the operation of such a device might be not permitted. Please check the legal situation for your country before using the device.


    Here the radar detector’s operating manual will be available soon.

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