AntiLaser AL Priority Extra sensor


Laserjammer for fitted installation

AntiLaser AL Priority Extra sensor
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Extra sensor for the laser jammer anti-laser ALP Priority with extensive laser warning / jam for all of Europe with the most comprehensive laser gun cover - now for EUR 289, - buy now.

Technical information

Inner unit (LxHxW) – 85×22x40 mm
Outer unit (LxHxW) – 50×20x50 mm

Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Laser wavelength: 904 nm

Operational power supply – 10,5V to 15V
Current consumption – 600 mA max.

Speaker volume: 85 dB

Built-in self-test: Performed at power-up (LEDs flash + sound)

Activation mode – few seconds following activation – selftest
Search mode – until LIDAR detection
Jamming mode – upon LIDAR detection

LIDARs Tests AntiLaser has been tested on (the following LIDARs):
LTI – Marksman 20.20, Multalaser
LTI – UltraLyte, LR, 100, 100LR, 200, 200LR, Compact, LRB
Redflex – Lasercam, Lasercam NT
Jenoptik – LaserPatrol
Jenoptik – Laveg, Video-Laveg
Multanova – StarLaser
Robot – TraffiPatrol, V
Sagem – MestaLaser
Sagem – EUROLaser
Truvelo – Lidar, D-Cam
Kustom – ProLaser I
Kustom – ProLaser II
Kustom – ProLaser III
Kustom – Pro-Lite
Kustom – LaserCam II
Riegl – LR90-235
Stalker – LZ-1
Laser Atlanta – SpeedLaser, S, R, Stealth Mode
Cleartone – Stealth SpeedLaser
Fama – famaLaser II
Fama – famaShot III
Traffic Observer – LMS 291/221/04/05
NJL Kft – SCS-101/SCS-102
Robot – TraffiPatrol XR
Riegl – FG21-P
LTI – TruSpeed
LTI – TruSpeed 2
LTI – TruCam
Vitronic – PoliscanSpeed
Camea – Unicam section control
Unipar – SL700
RedSpeed – SpeedGuard

Here you can access available official test reports for this device.

English   -   important notice

Dear customer,

please read and consider the following notice.
In the countries of the European Union there are different laws regarding the possession and operation of radar detectors. These regulations might change regularly. We hereby draw your attention to the fact that in your country the possession and / or the operation of such a device might be not permitted. Please check the legal situation for your country before using the device.


Here the device’s operating manual will be available soon.


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