Stealth System 2000


All-in-One integrated hidden protection

Stealth System 2000
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As an alternative option for the purchase of single products, you can also order combinations of our products. These system offers were designed by us in all price categories for the hidden installation in the vehicle. These systems offer a complete protection against nearly all measurement techniques and comes with a price saving up to 10% compared to the purchase of the products one by one.

RADAR DETECTOR VIDEOS Have a look at our radar detector demonstration videos on installing and using the radar detectors. Click here for Radar detector videos

The Stealth system 2000 package consists of the following products

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ANTILASER PRIORITY (ALP1) - Best System worldwide!

If interested the assembling work can also be undertaken in Heidelberg in the workshop by a professional car mechanic, well experienced in assembling these devices; the timings are very flexible and discreet (normally Friday afternoon or weekends). The assembling work takes normally about 5-6 hours, but it may be longer in the case of exotic car models. Naturally, the mechanic will first discuss with you personally about various possibilities of assembling so that you have a clear idea of how the solution will finally look like. The workshop is located in Heidelberg and you could make use of the time for sight-seeing. Many customers find this quite convenient. Difficulties may only arise in rare cases if, for example, the vehicle’s front area has less space for the radar receiver, or disassembling of auto body components alone would take several hours requiring special tools.

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Test report radar detector


English   -   important notice

Dear customer,

please read and consider the following notice.
In the countries of the European Union there are different laws regarding the possession and operation of radar detectors. These regulations might change regularly. We hereby draw your attention to the fact that in your country the possession and / or the operation of such a device might be not permitted. Please check the legal situation for your country before using the device.


Here the device’s operating manual will be available soon.


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